About Us

we’re a small team with a big reach

Dave Boyle – Director

Dave has worked on some of the UK’s highest profile share issues, including Hastings Pier Charity, the first charity to raise equity finance in the UK and Portpatrick Harbour, the first Scottish charity to do so. He’s also advised on Community Share issues in sport, leisure, pubs, energy and media.

He’s a licensed practitioner by the Community Shares Unit, and is an accredited social enterprise advisor, and also wrote the script for the video promoting Community Shares for the  Community Shares Unit.

Since 2001, he has worked with over 100 voluntary community sector enterprises including community-run pubs, shops, football clubs, sports and recreation facilities.

He has also worked on projects with organisations such as The Plunkett Foundation, The Carnegie UK Foundation, Social Enterprise UK, Co-operatives UK, Brighton & Hove City Council, Cornwall Council, The High Pay Centre, Hacked Off, Liverpool Football Club and The Guardian.

People we work with

We’re experts at Community Shares but we also know our limits. We partner with experts in other areas to make sure that when you work with us you get the very best in the business in whatever you need help with

Crowdfunder are the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform and have helped thousands of projects raise over £6M from over 100,000 people.

Their website is built to connect great projects with a community of supporters who want to help make it happen, and is a missing link in the community shares landscape.

They make it easy for groups to administer the process of connecting with investors, getting the money from them easily and painlessly, and enabling supporters to connect to their own networks via social media to support the offer marketing campaign with their own friends and families.