We’ve been approved as an official provider with Big Potential, a lottery-funded scheme to help organisations get ready for investment. That means we can work with groups and enterprises looking to do community share issues, and apply for between £20,000 and £75,000 for groups to use to get them ready.

Community share issues count as a type of investment that qualifies for Big Potential support, so we can work together to apply for funding to get your enterprise ready to issues shares. That includes the preparatory work to issue the shares – working out the offer, the supporting business plan, marketing campaign etc – as well as other kinds of work you might need to do, like commissioning surveyors to come up with buy flagyl over the counter detailed costings for renovation work, reorganising your governance or getting you up to speed with financial management of your enterprise.

That’s where Big Potential comes in. You make an application here and fill out a form about your enterprise, your needs and your current situation. If you’re not ruled out at this stage, you can expect a one-to-one session where someone from the programme talks to you in some depth about what it is you need to do to get ready to take on investment. That forms the basis of an action plan that you and your chosen provider will work on together.

If you’d like to apply for Big Potential support, start by filling in the eligibility checklist.

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